Six Sigma Golf – PDF

Jay Arhur’s PDF on using Six Sigma to improve your game.

An easy way to understand how Six Sigma is used with some of the most common tools:

1. Line Graph.

2. Pareto Chart.

3. Cause -Effect.

4. Flow Chart

5. Control Chart.

6. Histogram.


About yourlifeisaprocess

I love to stay connected and this is one way. Love to find better ways to improve just about anything. Six Sigma is one way to find the things to measure, the way to measure them and how to use the data. From finding a job to exceling at it! I live in Colorado and love it! Just getting here was a huge process but that's a whole other story…
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One Response to Six Sigma Golf – PDF

  1. Gen. Hooker.. says:

    One of the striking stats in this PDF are that 50% or the mistakes and costs are caused by only 4% of the processes.

    So finding those processes are key.

    Also – if you golf? Use equipment that fits you or your efforts are for naught!

    Gen. Hooker…

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