DMAIC – It’s fun!

DMAIC – Think of all the uses!

DMAIC – (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) is a process for continued improvement. It is systematic, scientific and fact based. This closed-loop process eliminates unproductive steps, often focuses on new measurements, and applies technology for improvement.

DMAIC is the start of the Six Sigma Process.  It can be applied to just about anything.

Jack Welch turbo-charged GE with it:

“There are two important contributions from GE’s way of implementation to the evolution of Six Sigma. First, Welch demonstrated the great paradigm of leadership. Second, Welch backed the Six Sigma program up with a strong rewards system to show his commitment to it. GE changed its incentive compensation plan for the entire company so that 60 percent of the bonus was based on financials and 40 percent on Six Sigma results. The new system successfully attracted GE employees’ attentions to Six Sigma. Moreover, Six Sigma training had become a prerequisite for advancement up GE’s corporate ladder. Welch insisted that no one would be considered for a management job without at least a Green Belt training by the end of 1998.”

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I love to stay connected and this is one way. Love to find better ways to improve just about anything. Six Sigma is one way to find the things to measure, the way to measure them and how to use the data. From finding a job to exceling at it! I live in Colorado and love it! Just getting here was a huge process but that's a whole other story…
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