Six Sigma and managing conflict

Conflict management costs business money.  It’s that simple.  However using Six Sigma methodology conflict can and is mitigated.

Check out this resource:

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That sixties show – U Tube and SS.

I would imagine that speaking to a BB in Six would be like this.  Enjoy!

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Folks we are spending 85 billion a day for a 2% economic ‘recovery’.

Any ideas what process is broken?

Speak up!

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What process should GE follow going forward?

GE Capital is no longer going to fund smaller gun shops.  Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods – whom stock firearms – will still receive funding from GE.

GE is based in Fairfield, Conn., and many of the GE’s employees live around  Newtown CT  and several have children in the Sandy Hook elementary school.

The question is moving forward should politics be part of the lending process?  Certainly if the funding is for a rogue Nation however this is not that.  It could not be liability –  GE is more than willing to keep their huge clients Wal-Mart and Dick’s.

Could this process be ‘until it blows over’?   Click the link, read the story and give us your thoughts on what you would do if you were a huge lender in the same boat as GE.

Read more:

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So the process does work.

People will finally vote with their wallet.

So our students are going to be taught by Canada?

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Relying on memory would not be a wise process.



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What process would you improve/change?

With the events in Boston what if anything can be done to improve the safety of the United States?

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Career Development and Six Sigma

Hey Folks,

Another PDF to add to your collection.





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Six Sigma Technology for Mortgage Processors.

Excellent PDF on using Six Sigma to improve accuracy in mortgage origination and servicing.

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Well it’s been over a year but Tiger’s Process-Based come-back is complete.


Even with the issues at the Masters Tiger has always started from a starting point with a measurable process to reach the goal.

He’s back to number one in the world.

Process base your goals with measurable metrics and experience the difference!



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